Runaway Planet

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 11.03.48 PM Today marked another step forward for Runaway Planet. Ray & I had a meeting with Blip to discuss our strategy for the production company and the website. I’m not going to lie, being the youngest and most inexperienced person in the room was rather intimidating at first. Occasionally I worry that perhaps my opinion on matters won’t be taken seriously, or that I’ll be looked at as just a tag-along for the ride of [what they may perceive as] Ray’s new endeavor. Also a mosquito bit my forehead an hour in and the bump swelled to the size of a quarter. Aaaaand next to that swell was a zit. It’s like “Hi, I’m a CEO, ignore my adolescent appearance please.” However, the experience was rather satisfying. Everyone over at Blip and 3Arts is so professional and open towards our ideas and goals. We left incredibly excited for the next step and relieved that we’re working with people who just get it. Also, being the CEO and Founder of a company? Kinda cool. It’s something I like to say to my parents when they passive aggressively suggest I go back to college. I mean, how can they possibly argue with: “Mom, Dad. I’m running a company now.”  They always said college was a means to get a good job. Well, I’ve got a good job. In fact, I probably have one of the best jobs: a career. Ha. Got you there, guys. Besides, everything I want to learn is in the real world. For anything else I can buy a textbook online. The most exciting prospect of the business is the fact that we will now have the capital to make quality content on a consistent basis. Ray & I have so many ideas for scifi and fantasy shows, but we know that unless it looks good, we’ve already destroyed the believability and therefore created a barrier between the audience and the story. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched shows with really really bad medieval/space wardrobe or VFX. No matter how good the story is, there’s a part of you that’s just preoccupied with how weird it looks. Believability is the beginning. Now we don’t have to wait for network executives, casting directors, producers, or agents to sign off on us in order to do what we love doing. We now have the control to build a name for ourselves and tell stories without waiting for someone else’s approval. We’re creating our own opportunity. And it’s exciting. Is this what it feels like to have a baby?!



  1. Yoona Lextae

    Threads of the past… when the world was young, the sun in the east, and the right half of our book thicker than the left. Long live Anna Akana.

  2. linuxcooldude

    Yikes, now that Blip is shutting down options are limited. I agree with your parents, you should of really stayed in school to fall back on something. If your forced to get in another field, your youtube status won’t help you much.

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