Dealing with sexual harassment

It’s been a long road in therapy for me to even get this far concerning sexual harassment, and I don’t even feel like I’ve accomplished much. I’ve been really embarrassed about these problems: the inability to handle confrontation, the prominent fear of rape, the self-doubt as far as whether or not what I’m defining as harassment could truly be harassment.

One commenter wrote:

“I’m an attractive woman who gets attention. I hate my life.” 

Wow. Way to completely demean the issues I talked about in here. What’s worse is that deep down, this is something I’ve always second guessed myself on. Men argue that they’re just being nice, they’re paying you a compliment, they’re just putting it on the table or being honest or blunt. Yet… if you reject them, you’re a bitch. If you call their bullshit, you’re a cunt. If you dress “provocatively” or show off any part of your body and then become offended at advances, you are a hypocrite and you deserve whatever you get.


I don’t know if double standards will ever truly end. Probably not. Not unless we become some amazon woman society where men become subservient. (Or a Y: The Last Man scenario goes down.) But hey, until then, I’m just going to act like I have a pair of balls and use them accordingly.



One comment

  1. God this is so relatable. I just get tongue tied and try giving them a nasty look. And this one time I actually “acted crazy” by literally stamping on their foot and walking away! :p
    Not one of my proudest moments…

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