As someone who used to write fan fiction, draw fan art, and overall obsess over people/fictional characters I admired, I cannot explain the amount of joy it brings me when someone randomly sends me their own creation. Sometimes I even get tweets that people dream about me, someone whom they’ve never met!  It’s insane, and I am incredibly grateful that someone somewhere finds me influential in some way. I hope this doesn’t sound self-indulgent or anything (although if some people will probably find it that way). I just want to take a moment to express the gratitude I feel that I actually have people who like me. Perhaps that sounds pathetic, haha. But I saw this fan art depiction fo me hugging a tiger, a drawing created based on me saying I wanted to actually hug one in a video, and I feel like crying (Maybe the glass of wine I just had has something to do with the tears, but hey!).

So thank you so much, to everyone and anyone who has ever watched my work, who follows my work, who tweets or facebooks at me expressing how much they can identify with what I have to say. It is so much more than I could ever have asked for.

Because what is an artist without an audience? What is art without someone to judge it?

They’re equivalent, and I hope to God that I never lose sight of that.



  1. Anna, I love your passion towards the arts, mostly because I have a lot too. Except I am not as lucky as you. My opportunities are limited and I am so constricted. But I want so much, and I guess I can work my way through if I look up to people like you.

  2. You did a great work, a lot of people love you. Come in France one day, see how much people loves you all around the world.


  3. Would anyone give a look to my writings and drop off a comment ? Would really appreciate it.

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