Lately I’ve started to feel like I’m too spread out. I’m trying all these different things activities and learning new skills to the point where my ability to focus on acting has drifted. So, I’ve recently started to drop a few classes here and there and try to get back into acting full time. Just focus on that. Still have fun, of course, but to make sure that the majority of my time is devoted to acting, studying, reading and writing.

Oh! I have a call back for High Moon tomorrow. Finally. It feels like forever since I’ve been called back for a show. Granted that a lot of co-star auditions are cast off tape, it’s nice to finally feel like you’ve nailed a role enough that they want to see you again. Even better, the director Adam Kane is calling me today to go over character notes before my time tomorrow.

Really looking forward to the days where all it says on my schedule is “acting”.


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  1. I agree and yet times we do loose focus from our main goals,the ones that are really important because we are trying to constantly improve ourselves and learn new things. I know it feels great to finally get back doing things that really matters.

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